Claudia and Brett, you are such are fun loving couple. What drive you both have in achieving your goals, in family, your work achievements and in your private life.

Getting you know you both and your family, helps bring an amazing ceremony full of laughter and emotion together with such ease.

Thank you for choosing me to be your celebrant, what an honour.

Genna and Nicholas, you are both so lovely. Making my job as a celebrant such a pleasure. I loved Italian music as you walked up the aisle. You are both so in sink with each other. I just loved every moment of your wedding ceremony. What a privilege.  

Oh what a fabulous day, Scott and Briarley are such a loving couple, so suited together, and what a fun bunch they had in their bridal party, gorgeous.

And how lucky am I, having the privilege of being their celebrant. I so loved how family orientated they are, even to the extent of having their young 7 year old nephew stand next to me reciting a poem from Dr Seuess.

I love finding out about my couples, see how they tick, bring in humour, emotion and all the fuzzy things that makes the ceremony about you.

These are the moments that being a celebrant, I cherish the most. Look at how proud dad is here, waiting for his daughter to walk to him, before he walks her down the Aisle.

That smile says it all.

Georgia and Kane, the tears of joy from Kane’s mum, also had me in tears, I so loved being part of your day, meeting all the family, how lucky am I, that I get to marry these lovely couples.